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There is plenty of room on this website. No one is spamming here at all. You should be thankful that someone is taking the time to expose this. This information is as valuable as any other, and is shared with passion and respect...and urgency!

There is tons of evidence showing the reality of the Chemtrail operation. If you knew the truth of the matter, it would totally blow your mind. You would immediately humble yourself and realize what many of us have...the "hard to imagine" is in this case a daily accurance. It is so much in all of our faces that people don't notice. If you look up and pay attention, and do a minimum amount of checking out some photos to see what they look like, you will one day look up and be rudely awakened. The chemtrails are in our sky almost daily! The dispersed trails look like clouds, but when you know what to look for, it is OBVIOUS.

We are all simple in many ways. The way our mind works is that when something shows up in our environment, we search automatically for links that we are familiar with. When you look up and see chemtrails, your mind tells you clouds. It is familiar, and you don't know anything else.

It is mind control folks. They know you aren't noticing. They know you want to stay comfortable and protest things far away. This is RIGHT ABOVE US EVERY DAY!!! You are conditioned NOT to notice!

It is totally amazing. For those of you who think this Chemtrail issue is a load of paranoid crap, one day you will wake up and see it was not.

We need you NOW to wake up and know the truth of the matter! Please don't wait!!!

The most amazing thing about this is that even people on the "left" who are hip to the obvious stuff, are fast asleep to the Chemtrails.


Don't think you are so smart because you figured out that Bush is lying about Iraq etc and think you know a fraction of the story. You don't.

Anyone can figure out the obvious stuff! Don't pride yourself!

The sky in downtown Santa Cruz has tons of dispersed Chemtrails, and they are doing it right under (above) your nose.

They even have the "left" fooled. shit, they have really got us from all directions.

Stay asleep to the Chemtrails while you focus on the obvious issues. Stay comfortable. Be a pawn in their game. Is that what you want??? I DON'T THINK SO.

And how do you know that those are normal jet contrails or clouds in the sky. You don't. And they are not.

It's easy to critique the government on the basic crap. And it's totally necessary. But the joke is on all of us.

We are getting sprayed, every day, and weather we are aware of it or not does not change the fact even slightly.

They WANT you to put down those who would expose this.

Don't you get it? They have conditioned you NOT to believe the truth when you find out about it.

This is not a power struggle or an ego battle...Far from it! WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!!!

It is exactly the same as Galileo (was it) who said that the earth is round. NO ONE BELIEVED HIM!!! They thought he was totally nuts!!!

Are YOU a member of the "Flat Earth Society"???!!!

Don't you understand that they are manipulating the "left" as much as the "right". There are tons of sheeple on the left. Well meaning, but sadly ignorant and naive about what is really happening.

There are many branches of this evil tree.

Chemtrails is one of the branches...and an especially insidious, covert and sinister one.

If we shed light (awareness) onto their dark plans, they will be exposed. Darkness cannot exist where there is light.

Denying the Chemtrails and ridiculing those who are exposing it is taking a stand that you want to remain in darkness, in ignorance.


Please wake up, so you can help others to awaken.

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