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Hey Jerry,

"But your job is easy because all you need to do is link up some dubious papers and theories (I like "Maybe its UFO's!" post just above) to say that it is possible."

***Until you have been an activist for something that is NOT known and NOT popular you don't even know what it means to put your ass on the line bro.Easy? You are out of your mind. Do you think having to deal with major denial is easy? Think again!

"And of course they are unmarked planes- all the planes I've ever seen at the airport are unmarked on the bottom!"

***Wrong. Aircraft need to have indentifying numbers on the bottom. These spray planes have been photo identified as Kc 10 and kc 135 airforce refueling tankers all over the U.S.

"And while I can't 100% prove you wrong"

***It is not about me being "right" guy. You will never be able to 100% or any % prove anything, because very sadly it is 100% happening.I wish it were not! Weather you "believe" it or not does not effect the fact at all. Denial is comfy, but ignorance is not bliss.

"And to Ron and the post on Kucinich, yes, I do believe he is a little nutty."

***You believe that Dennis Kucinich is "a little nutty"? Please give some examples. Like what is nutty about his prospective policies? I think you are a little nutty!

"...when reintroduced the next year ommitted "chemtrails" from its language should say something. For you all, it might say something like "the military got to him and made him change it", but to me it says "even Dennis Kucinich realizes that this is bunk".

***Then why did he say publicly in Santa Cruz that Chemtrails were real. Your assesment of why it was taken out is totally off. Did you read the rest of the "space weapons" that he mentioned. Do you think they do not exist? He was under pressure to take Chemtrails out of the bill.

"You may be in denial that you are exhibiting classic symptoms of paranoia and delusional behavior."

***Actually it is you that is exhibiting classic symtoms of denial and ignorance! I am exhibiting symtpoms of courage and perseverance in spite of smart ass people like you who think they know what's up, but actually don't!

"You need professional help. Simple."

***You are a total idiot, and way off track. Simple! Duh!

"so all I'm asking is that you keep this line of posting to your own websites, and away from legitimate activism."

***This issue is not going away. More and more people in Santa Cruz are waking up to what is happening in their sky every day. People are becomming very aware (unlike you) that the Chemtrail Spray Operation is very very real, and they are outraged and sick of it. Fools like you sit back and think you know what's up, but you don't (literally in this case!)You don't know shit, and your statement about "legitimate activism" proves your are a total fool. This is as legitimate activism as any other, and all the more urgent because it is a covert operation and the activist community is still not aware of.

You think it is fun to be the bringer of bad news? It's not! Do you think it's fun trying to alert people to something that is hard to believe and has so many implications? It's not. Some day you will thank those who had the courage and awareness to speak out about this. Until then, please go back to your "legitimate activism" if you are doing anything at all, which I highly doubt.

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