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Action at Capitola Military Recruitment Center

On Tuesday, Dec. 6th, the United States Supreme Court began to decide if schools that ban recruiters from their campuses can lose federal funds. There were protests and actions at military recruitment stations all across the nation. The Santa Cruz Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship has created a scroll with 28,000 names in Arabic of Iraqi civilians who have died in the war. This is one of the most conservative of the reported numbers of Iraqi civilian deaths.

As part of the nationwide day of action, the scroll was displayed at the military recruitment center on 41st Avenue in Capitola along with other signs and banners opposing the continued war in Iraq and the daily loss of Iraqi and American lives. The scroll is three feet high and over one hundred feet long.

The Army, Marines and Navy recruitment offices in Capitola were voluntarily closed, though the Air Force office remained open for business.

Photos: Counter-Recruiters Return to Capitola Recruitment Center as Supreme Court Rules on Solomon Amendment

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Peace Action at Capitola Military Recruitment Center

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