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Photos from the Hiroshima Day Commemoration

Hiroshima Day Commemoration in Santa Cruz

At 8.15am August 6, 1945, a nuclear bomb was exploded 500 metres above the city of Hiroshima. It is estimated 140,000 people, mainly women, old men and children, died directly and in the few months after the bomb exploded. Its effects can still be seen today in the survivors and their descendants. Saturday August 9 is the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of the city of Nagasaki. Historical research shows the use of nuclear weapons could have been avoided, and all those deaths prevented, if diplomatic alternatives had been properly pursued. The USA continues to use nuclear weapons of mass destruction, as in depleted uranium munitions, used recently in Iraq.


Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Even More Ilegal to Be Homeless In Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and its city reporter Dan White continue to “white out� or distort police harassment of activists and poor people.

We salute the Houseless Community of Santa Cruz for its unreported and unappreciated human rights struggle this last year.

This article contains examples of why it is even more ilegal to be homeless in Santa Cruz.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Resistance & Tactics

Warning: People Enjoying Music and Eating, Without Spending Money, While on Pacific Ave!

The afternoon of Monday, July 28th, was filled with music and enjoyment on at least one street corner of Pacific Ave. A four piece 'Jug Band' got people dancing while Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs (Comida sin Bombas) fed people's hungry bellies.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


ballotbox.gifDirect Recording Electronic machines, (DRE) or touch-screen technology is rapidly replacing the paper ballots hand-marked by voters. However, DRE technology has raised questions about the reliability of this method unless it has a verifiable paper trail. Stanford Professor David Dill added his voice to the rising concerns of computer scientists and professors. Dill's concerns include the possibility of programming errors, equipment malfunctioning and malicious tampering.

Concerned citizens are also joining the fray. Recently, Maureen and Michael Smith of Aptos have begun an educational public campaign regarding safeguards necessary for electronic voting.

[ Resolution on Electronic Voting ]

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Announcement :: Globalization & Capitalism

Santa Cruz Delegation to Cancun

cancun 2003.jpgA Santa Cruz delegation is being organized to attend the People's Forum on Alternatives to the WTO in Cancun in September. Meetings are Wednesday evenings at 7pm at the Resource Center for NonViolence.

WTO is the over-arching keystone of the neoliberal global economic architecture, which also includes regional initiatives like NAFTA, FTAA, Plan Puebla Panama, Plan Colombia, etc...

[ Call for Mobilization I WTO Action Meeting Report I Global Exchange's WTO Campaign ]

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News :: Environment & Food


It's true folks, the Chemtrail spray operation over our town is continuing! Some people "don't believe in Chemtrails", most people are too asleep and distracted to care! Conscious people all over Santa Cruz are extremely concerned that there is in fact something being sprayed over us!!! IT'S TIME WE STOP THE CHEMTRAILS IN SANTA CRUZ!!!!

[ ChemTrails 911 I Aerosol Operation I Would the Government Spray Us? ]

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News :: Labor & Economics

Downtown Coffee Shop Attempting to Unionize!

After months of employee cutbacks, workers at Peet's Coffee and Tea Store #221 in Santa Cruz are seeking union representation. Employees have decided that without exercising their right to collective bargaining, their work at Peet's will never afford them personal luxury, a stable future or even a wage sufficient to support a family. Employees’ complaints include insufficient wages and hours, and shrinking benefits packages becoming ever harder to obtain. They feel Peet's should share its success with its employees.

[ Rockin' the Boat: Interview with Peet's Employees and UFCW Organizer (1/2hr mp3) ]

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News :: Education & Youth : Environment & Food : Resistance & Tactics


cen-logo_corner2.gifThe University of California Board of Regents voted unanimously today in favor of a Clean Energy and Green Building policy that sets a new bar nationally for environmental leadership by any institution. This vote follows the year-long “UC Go Solar!� campaign run by students across the state and Greenpeace.

[ Clean Energy Now I Sustainability Coalition I Student Environmental Center at UCSC ]

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Are We in Palo Alto or Santa Cruz??? Test the Stupid Laws this Saturday!

Our colorful living town has become so f*cking sterile!!! As I walk down the mall downtown today I am struck by the total sterility. Not a single musician in site or sound. No kids hanging out, no creativity...

This coming Saturday, July 19th, 1:30PM at Cooper and Pacific Ave. Swami X will be appearing to give tarot card readings as a fund-raiser for Mayor Emily Reilly's re-election campaign. Bubble-blowers, frisbee tossers, hacky-sackers, and chalkers are most welcome indeed!!

We might as well test as many of these stupid laws as possible---and how else, but in a massive show of civil disobedience which may not "move-along" after 1 hour. For more info: Call HUFF at 423-HUFF

Full Story and Flyer for Saturday


Review :: Globalization & Capitalism

Report from Inside the Belly of the Beast

Our booth was definitely the most popular booth at the Ministerial Conference on Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, both with the delegates and the other exhibitors. We handed out lots of organic produce and product, proving that people are hungry for food as well as knowledge. The presence of good food (the only fresh food at a conference on agriculture and technology) enabled us to demonstrate through peoples' mouths and stomachs the appeal of organic production.

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