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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Media Criticism : Peace & War

Cindy Sheehan Solidarity Vigil

8.12.05 - Weekly Vigil Stands with Cindy Sheehan

Standing With Cindy Sheehan 08.12.05.JPG
this friday the ongoing peace vigil stood in solidarity with cindy sheehan, the bone in the craw of the criminal from crawford, g. weasel bush.

one woman has finally captured the franchise on truth, and is forcing the president toward accountability.

see also: Gold Star Families for Peace || Portlanders Rally Downtown in Support of Cindy Sheehan

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Visit the Brown Berets Website

beret mujer photo.jpg
Visit our Website to stay informed about our local actions and issues affecting our community. The Brown Beret Website is up and running.

"Each One Teach One"
Every Thursday at 4pm

The Brown Berets meet every Thursday at 7pm in Watsonville. We are Located at 406 Main Street (Suite 408b). Membership is open to anyone dedicated to battle social injustice. call (831) 722-1775

October 16, 2005 11am-4pm
March starts Noon at downtown Watsonville Plaza. Rally at 2pm

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News :: Environment & Food

Seventeen year old halts old-growth logging in the Biscuit

A blockade has been constructed to stop ancient forest logging within the Biscuit timber sale and to honor the late Joan Norman. Atop a platform 50 feet in the air, a 17 year-old woman sits committed to halt felling within this contested old growth reserve timber sale, called Hobson.

Ancient forest logging began at the Hobson old-growth reserve timber sale last week. The sale has been the site of numerous acts of civil disobedience. In the wake of a court decision in favor of the timber industry's further exploitation and destruction of the very last
ancient forests on public land, large numbers of citizens continue to come out of the woodwork to defend the Wild Siskiyous. The media is invited to visit the Joan Norman Memorial Road Blockade today.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

'Cuban Five' Ruling Reversed, New Trial Scheduled

On August 9, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals located in southern Florida reversed a trial court ruling against “the Cuban five� and ordered a new trial with a mandated change of venue for the five Cuban agents arrested in 1998 for conspiring to commit espionage. Fernando González, 41; Rene González (no relation to Fernando), 49; Antonio Guerrero, 46; Gerardo Hernández, 39; and Ramon Labañino, 41, were convicted in Miami before a trial judge and jury whose anti-Castro bona fides was so palpable that it poisoned any resemblance to a fair trial. Since then, indignant civic leaders, both here and abroad, have been pushing for a re-trial in a less biased region of the country.


News :: Environment & Food : Peace & War : Sister Cities

Weapons Inspectors Visit Lockheed Martin on Hiroshima Rememberance Day

On the afternoon of August 5th, the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team visited the gates of Lockheed Martin. Through art and diaglogue, they called on the consciences of employees to consider the implications of their actions.

Lockheed Martin plays a part in genocide by supplying the United States and other aggressive nations with the equipment needed to deliver Depleted Uranium munitions and other weapons used against civilian populations. In other words, Lockheed Martin profits off of the misery that war is inflicting on people around the world.

see also: Atomic Memorial at SC Courthouse

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Interview :: Peace & War

FRSC: Interview with Kristen Ess of Palestine News Network

Phone Interview with Kristen Ess, Editor of PNN in Occupied Palestine on reciving License from P.A., The Gaza Pullout, Westbank Apartied Wall Construction/Destruction.

Audio: Direct mp3 Download of interview with Kristen Ess

The Palestine News Network, as the first operational independent Palestinian news agency, received the first official license in the West Bank from the PA Ministry of Information this week. PA Minister of Information, Nabil Sha'ath commented, "The license for PNN comes within the framework of democracy and freedom of the press."

After four years of operations, PNN is published in Arabic, English, Hebrew, and French, with Spanish and German soon to come in order to ensure that the international community receives unbiased, accurate, nd up-to-the minute news from the ground.

Kristen Ess Produces Daily Audio reports available here and is Looking for more stations to air Daily/Weekly Programs.

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm - Airs PNN Daily reports at 7:50am weekdays and week in review Fridays and Saturdays at 11am

Audio: FRSC: Gaza "Withdrawl"

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News :: Arts & Culture

Cops Visit Guerilla Drive-In

A Harrowing Tale of Authoritarian Intervention

GDI logo black.gif
The benefit was a roaring success. Something like 50 to 75 people came out to support Dances With Kittens and GDI on an "off" Friday. The movie was unexpectedly great. The new amp worked well. Everyone had a blast. Someone inquired about helping us financially to get a bulb or speakers (Was it you? Talk to us!)

Now dealing with the cops is old hat for us. We've been kicked out of the Harvey West area and from under the Soquel Bridge. But we've been at the Westside railroad tracks site for two years now with no problem.

Just as the movie finished, a Santa Cruz Police officer came to tell us they'd received a noise complaint. He said that he was being "nice" and could easily ticket us for "amplified sound without a permit" and "noise after 10pm."

[ Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In ]

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Announcement :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics : Sister Cities

Resisting Nuclear Weapons 60 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki

August 6th and 9th mark the 60th anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. The San Francisco Bay Area's Livermore Lab is one of the national laboratories that serves as the brain of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, which today is developing weapons to support U.S. wars of empire and continuing to contaminate the air and soil of cities surrounding it. On Saturday, anti-nuclear activists will meet there to proclaim, "No Nukes, No Wars!"

Photos: Anti-Nuclear Protest at Livermore Labs

Nationwide, peace advocates will meet at the four central US nuclear weapons sites to call for an end to nuclear weapons proliferation. Locally, activists will meet for a ceremony to remember of the victims of atomic bombings. Afterwards, they'll march to Lockheed Martin, world’s largest maker and exporter of weapons. On Sunday, there will be commemoration of the victims of war at the Collateral Damage statue in Santa Cruz.

Video: Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team Attempts Livermore Lab Inspection - 2002
Audio: SCWIT Press Conference - 2004

See Also: Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team and Lockheed Martin || Students Resist Nuclear Weapons Development || Helen Caldicott on the Profound Damage of Nukes || UC Students Demand Regents Sever Ties to Nukes | (Part Two)

[ Atomic Bombing Exhibit || Abolition 2000 || Western States Legal Foundation || Mindfully's Nuclear Pages || Radiation Used On Iraq Equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs ]

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico || Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México

Last month, activists painted a huge red star in Mexico City’s Zocalo to help bring attention to the Red Alert issued by the EZLN. On July 31, 2005, activists in solidarity with the EZLN used a variety of tactics to educate people in downtown Coyoacan, Mexico City about the Sixth Declaration from the Lacandona Jungle and the ongoing Zapatista struggle for land, work, dignity, health, food, education and respect.

El pasado mes un grupo de activistas pintaron una estrella roja en el zócalo de la ciudad de México, en solidaridad con la alerta roja lanzada por los Zapatistas. El 31 de Julio del 2005 se realizaron actividades en solidaridad con el EZLN en el centro de Coyoacan de la Ciudad de México, el tema era la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona donde se pide tierra, trabajo, dignidad, salud, alimentación, educación y respeto.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism

Felton Passes Measure to Take Back Water Utility

On Tuesday, July 26th, Felton residents passed an eleven million dollar bond, intiating the process of buying back their local water utility. For the past three years, their water service has been owned by a subsidiary of the German-owned, mulitnational corporation, RWE Thames Water.

A spokesman for the company has stated that that they have no intention of selling the utility and hinted at a long, expensive legal battle if Felton residents follow through with eminent domain proceedings

Multinational corporations are buying up water rights worldwide. About five percent of the global water supply is controlled by private companies. This privatization raises concerns, and in some places, like Bolivia, water privatization has caused deadly conflict.

Audio: FSRN: Felton Voters Support Local Water Control

[ Felton Flow || Felton Water News || Water For All ]



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