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UCSC Joins National Day of Resistance Against the War111/22/02Robert Norse
Big Brother: It's Not Just About Devices, It's An Attitude211/21/02heavy traffic
Farr Far-Away From Office; Staff Close It Early to Protesters211/21/02Steve Argue
Tell Rep. Farr, It's Time to Stop the War !111/20/02Robert Norse
We can't afford an anti-war movement411/20/02Van
Video- Santa Cruz joins LLNL Weapons Inspection111/19/02Un Sandinista
'Crackdown on the Mall'111/18/02Jeff the FIddler
Porter Busts Norse For Taping Meeting111/18/02John Thielking
S.C. council denounces Patriot Act111/16/02James Merritt
Beyond Scarcity211/15/02Van
Next Peace and Freedom Party Meeting111/15/02STEVE ARGUE
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