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Video of Arrests at Santa Cruz Tent University604/23/05Paladin144
SCPD officer named Mark Eveleth who has a bad reputation downtown304/23/05Chris Arends
UCSC's weekly "Weapons Inpsections" Tour a success204/23/05Chris
Tent University -- Toward A Common Platform104/23/05n5667
Women of Color Film & Video Festival104/23/05sprout
Cops Spoil Fun at Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC)304/23/05Keep Your Eyes On These Guys
US-Mexico Borders: Stop Chasing Migrants to Death104/23/05Anonymous Poster
Liz Irwin - You're in Big Trouble! (re: Tent U)104/23/05Anonymous Poster
Images from Monday Evening at TUSC204/23/05Anonymous Poster
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