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Photos from AM Strike, East Gate104/14/05~Bradley
FRSC: UC Strike update 10am104/14/05Skidmark Bob
HIV Resource Drop In Center Dealt Another Blow104/14/05anonymous poster
RALLY: RECRUITERS OUT OF WATSONVILLE HIGH204/13/05Mike Rhodes (reposted by resister)
PIX: Military Recruiters Off Campus, pt2104/13/05Anonymous Poster
STRIKE 101: basic facts you should know104/13/05peoplemakenoise
CUE: The Coalition of University Employees (i.e. The Clerical Union)204/13/05Anonymous Poster
Medical Marijuana Provider and In-Home Caregiver on Trial in Santa Cruz104/13/05Roger Mentch
UCSC Students Oppose CAFTA!104/13/05Stop CAFTA
Walmart: Downsizing or Supersizing?104/13/05Anonymous Poster
Undermining Civil Society: David Horowitz's Corrosive Projects204/13/05Anonymous Poster
URGENT!!! support Tent University Santa Cruz, defend freedom of assembly!!!204/13/05mike
California Clients Fight Forced Mental Health Treatment104/13/05Wandering Jew and Herbalist
PIX: Military Recruiters Off Campus204/13/05Anonymous Poster
Aeon radio launch party104/12/05patrick
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