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Commentary :: Peace & War

Is Cuba Next?

A summary and analysis of the Bush administration plan for regime change in Cuba.

The new government will restore ownership of houses and plantations to former owners, create a major program to vaccinate Cuban children (the most vaccinated children in the world), establish capitalism, and, of course, privatize resources, health care, education, etc., etc, etc. We will establish.� a Transition Coordinator at the State Department to… continue regular transition planning and coordination with other U.S. Government agencies.�

Almost laughably, the plan includes teaching the Cubans how to hold free and fair elections.

The new government will have no place for current government officials and specifically advises that the “transition government... bars Fidel and Raul Castro from any role in a future government... targeting regime officials for U.S. visa denials... visa denial watch lists will be provided to other nations...�

Although the Commission isn’t candid about how the ultimate step to occupation is to be accomplished, it does acknowledge that “there will be resistance to the transition… will therefore require the presence of effective, professional Cuban security institutions (read US trained and equipped army) that are committed fully to supporting the democratic transition…Military modernization will also be important...�

If that doesn’t sound like déjà vu, nothing does. And, in case you think this was all a campaign tactic to win votes in Miami, consider that since November 2nd, rather than backing down, the administration has stepped up its rhetoric, its prosecution of travelers, and its roadblocks to trade.

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News :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Civil & Human Rights

Man In Black Marches Ahead Of First Night Parade With A Sign

This year a group of Soldiers’ families was prevented from marching with a banner that would have listed the names and pictures of their loved ones who were in Iraq. This year also, a Man In Black (who typically dresses as Man In Black for Peace Friday at the corner of Ocean and Water from 4:30-5:30PM most Fridays) was excluded from the rear of the parade because he was carrying a sign that read “No More Depleted Uranium Weapons�.

Audio: CMRN: First Night Censorship?

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News :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Education & Youth

Salinas Public Libraries will Close in the New Year

The three Salinas Public Libraries will close for an indefinite period of time soon after January 1, 2005. According to the website for the Salinas Public Libraries, these closures are part of the 9.2 million dollars in the service reductions incurred by the City of Salinas due to loss of revenues from the State of California, higher fees imposed by Monterey County, slower than expected economic recovery, and increased costs of employee health insurance and retirement benefits. Exact dates and details are to be determined. The Salinas Public Libraries may close in July, 2005 according to an interview on KCRW with Anna Caballero, Mayor of Salinas.

Reduced Hours Effective January 11, 2005

Audio: Salinas City Concil Votes to Shutter Libraries

[ Salinas Public Library I Friends of the Salinas Public Library ]

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Interview :: Peace & War

Militaries Families Peace Delegation to Mid-East

Interview with Amalia Avila Gonzalez, mother of Lance Cpl. Victor Gonzalez, a US marine from Pajaro, CA who was killed in action on October 13. Amalia is a member of a Code Pink delegation travelling to the Middle East from December 27, until January 4, to deliver humanitarian aid for refugees of the US military's invasion on Fallujah. Amalia decided to join the delegation at the last minute, and is paying the $2000 in travel expenses out of her own pocket. Amalia was kind enough to invite me in her home to speak about her sons life, and death, and her decision to travel with the delegation.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

[ Code Pink WOMEN for PEACE I Code Pink blog ]

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Announcement :: Alternative Media : Media Criticism : Resistance & Tactics

Felton Free Radio - a benefit to support SLV Independent Community Radio

This is a chance for Felton residents and others in the San Lorenzo Valley to get involved in independent media and support their own community radio node. With the ongoing FLOW/CalAm struggle, we are ready for more local independent voices in our community.

Friday January 21st from 7pm to 11pm
Felton Grocery Outlet parking lot

We'll be helped out by Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, Felton FLOW, Grocery Outlet, Santa Cruz Indymedia Project, and a few other groups. We'll have food, entertainment, inspiring speakers, a feature film, and a few great short films. We'll have popcorn, drinks, cookies, and maybe musical entertainment.

We'll have a few special guests talking about the need for independent media. More local media voices in our community means more help with our local struggle.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Poverty & Urban Development

Names of those who died Homeless in Santa Cruz

This list was prepared by the Homeless Persons Health Project and the Homeless Services Center of Santa Cruz. These 30 deaths occurred between December 22, 2003 and December 21, 2004. This list is considered an undercount.

see also: [ Human Rights Organization fundraiser raises $1840.00 I HUFF Santa Cruz I National Coalition for the Homeless ]


Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Media Criticism : Peace & War

Lee Kaplan, Dafka Exposed

Santa Cruz Community Television is offering up more than the usual community dish. Recently, Club Cruz, a locally produced television show, has been used as a platform for virtual infomercials for an extremist group with a record of harassing peace advocates.

The show, produced by Santa Cruz resident Becky Johnson, has featured on several occasions a man named Lee Kaplan, self-proclaimed founder and director of the extreme Zionist group, Dafka. read more >>

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

We need a lot more meaning and freedom in our lives. More connection, more intrigue, and more adventure. Adventure Club is part of our effort to create more joy and more resistance. Adventure Club may not change the world, but for those who commit to try, it will make their world more interesting, exciting, and engaged.

[ download the AC handbill (.pdf) ]

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Interview :: Alternative Media : Arts & Culture : Resistance & Tactics

Ozomatli Interview on Free Radio Santa Cruz

On 12-9-04 Ozomatli played a gig in Santa Cruz, CA and before the sound check Uli and Jiro from the band came down to the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio and did an interview with AC Sandino Segudno. Included are a few songs from previous and current albums.

Total time is 39 mintues 42 seconds and the file is 18 MB.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Police State

Dropping dead on your doorstep

HUFF activists have been lobbying for years to end the Sleeping Ban, but now that homeless people are dropping dead on the Mayor's front step, it is definitely time to act.

It was against the law to lie down on a bench, but that was the least of his problems. Robert Wagner, 58, of Santa Cruz was dying of cancer. A fatal tumor occluded his airway, and as he slept on a park bench directly outside of Mayor Mike Rotkin's office, he died of asphyxiation. When SCPD Officer Venegas arrived on the icy November 29th morning, he found Wagner's lifeless body. The local paper described his history of alcoholism but made no mention of the cancer.

[ HUFF Santa Cruz I previous sc-imc coverage: March and Vigil Remembering Dead-of-Exposure Homeless Man ]

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