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News :: Education & Youth : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

Students, Politicians and Community Members In Solidarity with UC Service Workers

On Wednesday, November 10, hundreds of people demonstrated and bargined at UC Santa Cruz for better wages and working conditions for AFSCME members at the nine University of California (UC) campuses and five medical centers. Local 3299 AFSCME members (American, Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees) are employed by the UC to serve food; clean bathrooms, dorms, labs, offices, and hospitals; drive shuttle buses, and park cars.

In addition to a large rally in the Baytree Plaza, AFSCME workers, UC students and community members entered the bargining meeting that took place in Conference Room D above the Baytree Bookstore.

The rally and bargining meeting effectively demonstrated that AFSCME workers, UC students and members of the Santa Cruz community, including Mardi Wormhoudt, the Chair of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and newly elected Santa Cruz City Council member Tony Madrigal, are committed to improving the working conditions for service workers in the UC system.

Photos: [ Workers, Students and Community Members Rally in Baytree Plaza I Estudiantes y Trabajadores Undios a UCSC ]

Audio: UC Bargining Committee Hears from Workers and Supporters

Previous IMC Coverage: [ (5/20/04) UC Workers Hold Statewide Marches I (10/17/04) UC Service Workers Converge on Berkeley Campus ]



News :: Alternative Media : Government & Elections : Labor & Economics

Sprouts: Post-Mortem Look at Measure J

This election cycle was no different from past campaigns, in that the national races overshadowed local and state ballot initiatives. On Nov. 2 voters in Santa Cruz, CA handed a crushing defeat to the controversial Measure J. This county-wide initiative would have created a half-cent sales tax to finance transportation projects, primarily a 30 year plan to widen the Santa Cruz portion of California Highway 1. Issues of growth and traffic congestion would only compound if the highway were widened, oppponents said, and more than 60 % of voters agreed. Sprouts contributor Vinny Lombardo brings us this post-mortem look at Measure J.

[ Sprouts - radio from the grassroots I SCCRTC (Yes on J) I No on Measure J I Campaign for Sustainable Transportation (No on J) ]


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News :: Government & Elections : Media Criticism : Police State


The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again.

Calls to Action in S.F. on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 12:00 PM: [ Don't Just Mourn, Agitate I Emergency Call to Action -- Votergate!!! ]

More IMC Coverage of the Stolen "Election": [ Portland's sElection 2004 page I Indybay's Government Page I ]


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Announcement :: Media Criticism

IndyConference: Austin, TX Feb 18th-20th

The Austin Indymedia Collective would like to formally invite you to an IMC gathering. IndyConference is a skill-share/conference/network building event to be held in Austin, Texas February 18th-20th, 2005.

IndyConference seeks to bring together Indymedia activists from across the continent to discuss our progress as a media democracy movement, as well as look at ways we can improve our content and effectiveness as a radical media network. As a collaborative and participatory media project, we see the need to come together and form new directions for our movement. This conference is meant to be both a celebration and introspection of our work as media activists and our methods for how we have accomplished to date. We still have many challenges to overcome if we are to truly be a viable and sustainable radical media network.

[ IndyConference I Austin Independent Media Center ]



News :: Government & Elections

Bush Regime Maintains Power Through Electoral Fraud

Electric voting machines in a precinct in Columbus, Ohio gave George W. Bush 3,893 votes while giving John Kerry 260. Yet only 638 ballots were cast. This is according to Matthew Damschroder, director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.

An indication of how widespread this problem may have been may be found in the exit polls in Ohio. All of this data taken by different networks showed Kerry the winner of the election in this key state.

Yet the corporate media giant of CNN went so far as to change these polling results in the early morning hours between 1:05 AM and 6:41 AM. The network had the data broken down by gender showing Kerry the winner at 1:05 AM. At that time Kerry was shown to have a lead of 53 percent among women to 47 percent for Bush, and similarly 51 percent of men voted for Kerry with only 49 percent voting for Bush. Suddenly at 6:41 AM CNN turned these polling results on their head with a 50 – 50 split between Kerry and Bush among women and 52 percent of men voting for Bush and only 47 percent voting for Kerry.

[ Liberation News ]


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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics

Low-wage Service Workers at UCSC Need Your Support to Win a Fair Contract!

On Wednesday November 10th, the Members of Local 3299 AFSCME will be having a major rally when UC representatives come to the campus for state-wide bargaining. The rally will take place at 12:00 noon in front of the Baytree Bookstore on the UCSC campus.

Over 7,000 UC Service Workers and Local 3299 AFSCME Members serve food; clean bathrooms, dorms, labs, offices, and hospitals; drive shuttle buses, and park cars at the nine UC campuses and five medical centers. Their contract with UC expired June 30, 2004, and UC has so far rejected all proposals to improve it. Workers are demanding more support for the quality services that we provide, a fair pay system with steps that respect our years of experience, and a real chance to advance.

The median wage for UC Service Workers is $12.05 per hour, and 22% earn less than $10 per hour. Here at UCSC, 93% of the 550 Service Workers earn less than the living wage for Santa Cruz County of $16.88 as determined by the California Budget Project. And like many UC workers, they are laid off during holiday and summer breaks.


coverage from 5/20/04: UC Workers Hold Statewide Marches


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News :: Police State

Police State in Santa Cruz

We live in a police state when you can be arrested for speaking your mind!

Accused of being drunk in public, I was abducted from my friends on 10/29/04 and was refused a breathalyzer test.

I had committed no crime. Caring about another human being while they are suffering becomes a crime only when you live in a police state. (read more...)

Mike commented: "I need to meet whoever wrote this article. Today nov 3rd on the corner of pacific and elm street i was punched, tackled, and shoved to the concrete by 3 police because i refused to sit down. If this is the treatment america poses in there oun country i can't even imagine what we do to others. I'm going to find some pictures of this incident since my head is hurting me and my nose is still bleeding. There were 2 people taking pics as the police were beating me."

[ Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom I Santa Cruz Copwatch ]


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News :: Government & Elections

Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

Moments ago I voted in Felton, a small town near Santa Cruz, California. When I entered my polling place, St. John’s Catholic Church, the local priest told me that I had to take off my t-shirt before I voted. I had a picture of Bush on my chest framed by the words “international terrorist.? So I went back outside and turned my shirt inside out. Later I found out that election rules do prohibit the wearing of “political? clothes in the polling station. Fair enough. But, then they told me that I had to vote with a pencil...

On the voting booth there was a pink sign that clearly said "to mark your ballot use ONLY the Mark-A-Vote pen provided." We were only provided with pencils--there was not a single Mark-A-Vote pen in sight. When I pointed this out to the election officials, and voiced my concern that my pencil vote could be changed, they told me to use a blue ball point pen and then color over the pen marks with a pencil. But, they indicated that this might make it difficult for the electronic scantron machine to read my vote. One official made a call on her cell phone, and after she got off the phone she began taking down some of the signs that told voters to use the Mark-A-Vote pen. I took one of the signs and brought it home with me. My polling place is St. John's Catholic Church on Highway 9 at the corner of Russell Avenue in downtown Felton.

Audio: Eben Kirksey's Call to Free Radio Santa Cruz

see related: Incompetent pollworker at Louden Nelson in Santa Cruz

[ Voting Irregularities Nationwide: Don't Believe the Numbers I Election Ends With Widespread Voting Problems; Protests Planned for Nov. 3 I The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters ]


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News :: Alternative Media : Resistance & Tactics

A New IMC,, Launches with Special Elections Coverage

On the eve of what will be one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the Indymedia network announces the launch of a new and critical website for gathering the news and views of ordinary people across the country and around the world.

With its mission of publishing independent, on-the-ground reports from the people who experience the news most directly, will amplify the voices of those most impacted not only by the elections process, but also by the policies of either a Bush or Kerry administration.

The US IMC website centers around a syndicated wire of all featured articles published by participating local US-based IMCs, including Santa Cruz Indymedia. As with all Indymedia sites, the US-IMC's open publishing newswire empowers people to become the media by posting their articles, photos, videos, and audio clips directly to the website's wire. But the US-IMC's main function is to make the news that is published, culled and edited to local IMC sites relevant and accessible to a broader audience.

[ or ]



Announcement :: Government & Elections

November 3rd Nationwide Day of Action

Over 30 cities across the nation are mobilizing for a time of popular outrage and widespread non-cooperation if Bush is elected, if the elections are canceled, or if there is overt election fraud again. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

What if on the day after the presidential election people from all walks of life across America mobilized in their communities to go beyond voting and demonstrate our visions for a truy democratic society? Because the crisis of our democracy did not start with Bush and won't end with Kerry, the Beyond Voting campaign is calling for our election year debate to expand beyond Democrats versus Republicans to the larger issue of whether the U.S. will be a Democracy or an Empire. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory.

Santa Cruz: No Stolen Elections; Santa Cruz County Building Nov. 3
San Francisco: Beyond Voting: Healthcare, Not Warfare

[ Beyond Voting Campaign I Direct Action to Stop the War I No Stolen Elections I This Time We're Watching ]




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