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Palestinian legislator who criticized Arafat is shot and has his leg amputated408/04/04alf
Michael Moore is a Shill for the Zionists208/03/04Sasha
Llamadas de COPA para la cubierta baja de la renta--COPA Calls for Low Income Housing208/03/04google it
Justice for Palestine: Tear Down the Apartheid Wall208/03/04Sophie
Sam Farr's Open Record308/03/04Sam Farr's support of Israeli terror
"Books Not Bombs" Major Hiroshima Commemoration and Protest 8/8 in Livermore108/02/04a war hater
Santa Cruz Night Out Returns to Tuesday Nights in August108/02/04Robert Norse
Save the Grass Field at Mission Hill Jr. High108/02/04mhnpa
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