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Homeless Attacks Continue in Fresno102/17/04Robert Norse
Informational Picketing Continues at Safeway402/16/04no pre-emptive strikes
Grocery strike reality check402/16/04something wrong with this picture
'Mayor Disrupts Council Meeting and has Peaceful Protest Stopped'102/14/04Becky Johnson
Leap Day 2004 - Take Back Santa Cruz!202/14/04Becky Johnson
'Amy Goodman Visits Free Radio Santa Cruz'102/14/04wearelove
pictures from weds at safeway202/14/04Kari
Boycott SFWY Rally-2/20, UCSC102/14/04everyone should be a slave
The Future is Ours! Anarchist Youth Convergence202/13/04Jake kaaos
CHEMICALS IN OUR AIR!!!102/12/04Sorethroat
We Will Shut Down the Safeway on Mission St. in Santa Cruz102/12/04Politico
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