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01/11/06 Re: FSRN: Irate Citizens Denounce SCPD Surveillance of Last Night Meetings
01/03/06 Re: DIY is not burning man
12/14/05 Surveillance on 4/20/05 of Action In Defense of Education school walkout
12/12/05 Audio, Photos and Written Reports from Houston and New Orleans
12/05/05 A photo from March 5, 2003
11/15/05 Re: An injury to one is an injury to all!
11/15/05 Walking Rainbow audio PSA
11/15/05 Radical Pacifism: Conscience, Direct Action, and Community Sunday 11/20/05 @ RCNV
11/07/05 Links to individual articles, more photos and Common Ground Relief
10/23/05 Re: Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail Visits UCSC
10/21/05 images are appearing now
10/21/05 image upload problem at the moment....
10/09/05 Re: AUDIO: World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz
10/08/05 Re: AUDIO: World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz
10/06/05 Free the Buses
10/03/05 PICTURES of World Farm Animals Day in Israel
10/03/05 Re: Let's Make Media
10/01/05 more resources for information
10/01/05 some photos from the evening
09/29/05 Reportback from the Border, Thursday 9/29
09/27/05 Audio PSA for Freak Radio Santa Cruz, 101.1 FM
09/26/05 Jen Discusses Resistance to Border Vigilantes
09/12/05 West Coast IMCistas Report From Houston
09/03/05 Re: Cry From New Orleans: "People are Dying in the Streets!"
08/02/05 Re: Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico || Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México
08/01/05 mas fotos
07/16/05 September 17, 2002: Santa Cruz Gives the Feds a WAMM
07/16/05 Re: Bus Drivers Picket at Santa Cruz Metro Transit Center
06/25/05 March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism in Downtown Palo Alto
06/19/05 Re: Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!
06/19/05 david horowitz - consumer advocate and hate advocate
06/17/05 Payasos, Flores, Mujers y Indymedia
06/15/05 "If David Horrowitz were publishing... photos of activists... I would be concerned."
06/14/05 Protest the "Santa Cruz" Sentinel's "Local Coverage" as well....
06/14/05 Re: PIX: Cindy and Craig Corrie @ SC Vets Hall
06/14/05 Re: Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!
06/14/05 Response to Becky Johnson's Ignorance and Dis-Information posted above
06/14/05 Becky Johnson of Dafka; Dis-information Specialist
06/13/05 Lee Kaplan is going to sue me.....
06/13/05 A listener calls in to express appreciation for Free Radio Santa Cruz
06/13/05 George calls FRSC in response to "Becky Johnson, Uncensored"
06/13/05 Lee Kaplan? Who is that???
06/13/05 Re: Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!
06/13/05 Becky, go on with your life, please!
06/13/05 Re: Becky Johnson of Dafka; Live and Uncensored!
06/12/05 your racist comments are usually hidden by sc-imc editorial volunteers
06/12/05 Station ID for Free Radio Santa Cruz by Groucho Monarchs
06/07/05 Zach and Mario
06/02/05 flyer for Caldo de Cultivo Urbano at Barrios Unidos
05/27/05 Re: Critical Mass Radio Network Coordinated Broadcast on May 27
05/25/05 Re: UC Regents Ignore Massive Resistance, Vote to Build Nukes
05/24/05 Q and A with Alli and Medea of CodePink Women For Peace
05/21/05 Re: you betta know
05/17/05 AUDIO: Indynewswire show: June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff "Free" Luers
05/15/05 Re: TUSC Rally on 5/13: Taking Back Democracy!
05/14/05 Re: Take Back the Night 2005 in Santa Cruz
05/14/05 More Audio from the 5/13/05 TUSC Rally
05/12/05 Take Your Act Back to Hollywood, Arnold!
05/11/05 Re: I love that rocking granny
05/09/05 Re: Anarchism Now Conference (5/7)
05/08/05 Re: The Fourth Annual May Day Labor Film Festival
05/03/05 Re: May Day 2005 in Santa Cruz
04/21/05 We Shut it Down!
04/18/05 And then, suddenly, the cops ran away. And the people rejoiced.
04/16/05 feedback via email.....
04/14/05 Re: Photos from AM Strike, East Gate
04/04/05 four more photos
04/04/05 two more photos
04/03/05 two more photos
03/27/05 viva chavez
03/16/05 Holding Signs Above Highway One
03/13/05 Censored article at SC IMC
03/13/05 Prof. Nancy Stoller tore down flyers at UCSC violating campus policy and violating the free speech rights of the whole community
03/10/05 Paranoid Psychosis: Mental Health Committment for Johnson?
03/07/05 Re: FRSC A Decade of Resistance an audio history radio show
03/01/05 Critical Mass; Bikes Over Branciforte
02/16/05 Station IDs for Free Radio Santa Cruz
02/14/05 People In Favor of a new Parking Garage, Hotel and Conference Center
02/14/05 Former Mayors of Santa Cruz Sign the Referendum
02/12/05 Informational Outreach
02/10/05 Thanks to the Teachers!
02/09/05 Re: thanks for the pictures
02/09/05 Re: Albert Einstein Condemned Israeli Nazis
02/04/05 Mattilda's Station ID for Free Radio Santa Cruz
02/02/05 Ralph should thank you
01/30/05 Re: Clear View Court Residents are Kept in the Dark
01/26/05 Re: CityCouncil Mtg: Hotel or Not?
01/26/05 Re: CityCouncil Mtg: Hotel or Not?
01/24/05 a true journalist...
01/23/05 Photo of the Man In Black and his sign
01/19/05 more stills
12/14/04 More Photos from the Rio
11/15/04 AUDIO: Disturbing the Peace {March}, PR, Cobb County, TN, and Trash at the SOA
11/10/04 No War for Empire and Oil
11/02/04 US launches air raids on Fallujah
11/02/04 National Number to Call
11/02/04 Everything Ok According to Santa Cruz County Clerk
10/31/04 Re: Why I'm going to Florida
10/30/04 Re: Dump the Kennedy Council
10/13/04 Cool Indy Blog with Coverage of FRSC
09/30/04 Re: Armed Federal Agents Shut Down Free Radio Santa Cruz
09/20/04 AUDIO: The Best Things In Space Ain't Free
09/15/04 Richard Anderson at the Clock Tower
09/06/04 Re: Where's V-Man?
Date Heading
01/18/06 Paul Ortiz on Emancipation Betrayed
01/01/06 Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade
12/16/05 AUDIO: Interview with Maia and Sam, Common Ground Relief Volunteers from Santa Cruz
12/12/05 Santa Cruz Vigil Against the Execution of Stanley Tookie Williams
12/08/05 Anti-Corporate X-mass Caroling at the GAP
Date Caption
05/21/05 Indymedia and the Media Reform Movement: Reflections from...
04/24/05 Stages of an Action
04/15/05 Service Workers Strike at UCSC
04/05/05 PIX: Military Recruiters Off Campus
04/05/05 Military Recruiters Off Campus
Date Heading
01/19/06 Paul Ortiz on Emancipation Betrayed
01/02/06 Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade
12/10/05 What are you doing New Year's?
11/12/05 Vandals Try To Destroy Santa Cruz Coastal Rail Trail
11/03/05 Foothill Anti-Capitalist Action Committee Shuts Down Military Recruiters by Default


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